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Let Bevolve guide you to enhance your profitability and improve your business, brand and productivity.

BEVOLVE is a boutique consulting company designed to help small/medium business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build a successful and profitable business and personal brand.


My name is Orit Tsaitlin, owner of BEVOLVE and 4Elements4Life.

Six years ago, I put together some of my knowledge, skills and vision to develop a  business. But, I quickly realized that having a business isn’t enough for me and I wanted more, which is how my brand 4Elements4Life came into being. Six years later, I felt that if there was someone there to give me some direction or tools at the very beginning of my endeavor, things would have undoubtedly been simpler and maybe have even  evolved faster.

This is how BEVOLVE came to life. I knew I wanted to put my abilities together to help others achieve their goals by offering consulting services, direction and guidance in business development, inclusive of all its aspects and tools.

My formal education includes an MBA from Ben Gurion University, B.Sc in chemistry from Bar Ilan University, and I’m a  certified sports nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). The knowledge I gained provided me with the foundation of my future.

Through 4Elements4Life I gained the experience required for establishing and managing a personal brand and business. My professional expertise as a sports nutritionist, trainer and mentor gave me the opportunity to work with and guide many people to achieve their goals.

I came well-prepared to my next venture with BEVOLVE, and I now wish to share with you the priceless experience I gained, to help you hurdle the challenges of running a small/medium business or brand, using effective tools that will save you time and money on your way to personal and professional success.

There is no magic to it – I’ll show you a marketing system that works and how to develop your image and run your online presence on social media; how to collaborate with current brands, how to manage your sales, financial and administration affairs, and much more.

I invite you to BEVOLVE to your success.

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